Proponent: Slaughterhouse would only kill animals one day a week

MINDEN, Nev. — A proposed meat processing plant in Carson Valley would only be killing animals one day a week, according to proponents.

A spokeswoman for Karin Sinclair said that there will only be one kill day per week where a U.S. Department of Agriculture inspector will be on site.

She said that the rest of the week the plant will be cutting and packaging and that an inspector might be on site then. Under the special use permit, there is a 60-animal-a-week cap on any slaughtering operation.

Douglas County commissioners are scheduled to discuss an appeal of a previous denial of the slaughterhouse at a 1 p.m. Wednesday (today) meeting.

In anticipation of a big crowd, the county has moved the meeting to the CVIC Hall in Minden.

The slaughterhouse is proposed for the former Storke Dairy at Highway 88 and Centerville Lane.

Carson Valley residents living in the vicinity say the slaughterhouse will contaminate their water, lower their property values and increase noise, among a variety of other complaints.

One neighbor, Kristin Miller, is opposed to the location, but says she recognizes the need for the business to operate to help the local ranching industry.

Presently, ranchers have to go to Wolfpack Meats in Reno or Fallon to slaughter their animals for sale.

Sinclair is appealing a planning commission decision in September to deny the permit. In Douglas County, slaughterhouses are allowed on agricultural land with a special use permit.

Planning commissioners deadlocked on the issue until Maureen Casey changed her vote to a denial in order to allow Sinclair to go forward with an appeal.

Whatever county commissioners decide, the issue may end up being appealed in Douglas County District Court.


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