Letters to the Editor for October 12, 2019

Less garbage should mean lower cost

The Board of Supervisors voted 3 to 1 to mandate garbage service as of July 1. They awarded a 15-year agreement to Waste Management. Prior to their vote, I contacted them as to my opposition to mandated service for, as a household of one, I do not need weekly service.

The monthly service rate for single family dwellings is $17.59 per month whether or not they use the service. The rate includes three 95-gallon (can opt for 64- or 32-gallon) carts; weekly pickup of trash, and bi-weekly pick up of recycle and yard debris. The rate will be re-negotiated annually. The agreement prohibits a discounted rate for fewer pickups or for use of smaller carts.

After the award I again contacted the board, various city personnel, district manager of WM, and the CEO of WM to recommend amending the agreement to provide a discounted rate for bi-weekly trash services It’s my understanding WM is not interested in amending the agreement.

I feel a survey could be included in the city’s monthly water/sewer billing statement to see how many SFD’s would prefer bi-weekly pickup at a discount. If there is sufficient interest, the city and WM could negotiate a discounted bi-weekly rate and amend the agreement.

Joanne M Grundman

Carson City

Who is shredding the Constitution?

Over the past several months I have been listening to the Democrats/liberals and their ultraleft socialist wing saying that Trump is shredding the U.S. Constitution and destroying the democracy. But, if they’re elected they will uphold the Constitution to the letter of its meaning, and keep the democracy intact.

Why, then, are the liberal politically correct police attacking the First Amendment and telling us what to say and what to do?

Why are the 20-some-odd lefty candidates for POTUS preaching coming to our homes and confiscating our firearms and fining or jailing us for legally having these items? That is a complete violation of the Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth amendments to the Constitution.

Are they ignoring the 12th Amendment by wanting to do away with the Electoral College?

The Dems are holding an impeachment inquiry against Trump without a congressional vote. Again ignoring the Sixth Amendment.

Then there is the Dem wannabe POTUS candidate who is basically saying the USA should be governed by a one-party system.

So then I ask, who’s shredding the U.S. Constitution?

George Gerlach



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