Let’s play charade

No, that is not a typo. I am not talking about charades, the parlor game. I am talking about charade, the Democrat game. Charades is a game where a person acts out words while teammates try to guess it. A charade is defined by Merriam Webster as a deceptive act or pretense. That fits today’s elected Democrats to a tee.

One only has to look at the current so-called impeachment “inquiry” to see this in play. First, you subtly behind the scenes change the criteria for a valid whistleblower complaint to add those who have second-hand or hearsay information. That would be something like me saying Joe Biden abused his VP power to protect his son from being investigated. Oh, wait, bad example. Biden actually admitted that on national media.

After you change the rules, then if you are Adam Schiff you meet secretly with a whistleblower armed with water cooler gossip about a telephone conversation between Trump and the newly elected Ukrainian President. Then make the accusation of a quid pro quo using funding as leverage to investigate Joe Biden.

When the president outsmarts you by releasing the transcript of the call, you must readjust. That means you open an impeachment “inquiry” through the House Intelligence Committee. You do that so the public cannot see what you are doing. Through that process you can issue subpoenas that have no legal standing since there has not been any vote to proceed with impeachment. If they are rightfully and legally ignored, you can claim obstruction.

If someone you subpoena actually shows up, you can exclude any Republican questioning or input. You can also keep testimony adverse to your desired goal from the public. You can release selectively edited snippets of that testimony to keep the lie alive.

You can as a sitting representative speak before the entire assembly with a complete fabrication of what you wish the telephone transcript said, not what it actually stated. You know there will be no consequence for this act and it simply provides more leftist talking lies, I mean points.

Of course, the mainstream media is complicit in the Democrat charade game. They continue to perpetrate the information lies about impeachment. They want you to believe there is a formal impeachment action. There isn’t. There won’t be until the House actually drafts and votes to approve articles of impeachment. Until that happens, there is nothing but an impeachment myth. As such, subpoenas from the House are unenforceable because there is no formal investigation, only crap being thrown at the wall in the hope something sticks. Trump is right that his administration is not obligated to comply with the subpoenas until the process is formalized.

Here is another piece of the charade game. Democrats and the media would have you believe that Trump spent the entire conversation with the Ukrainian president discussing Joe Biden. The facts are much different. What Trump initially asked Ukraine to investigate was Crowdstrike. That is what struck fear in Democrat hearts.

As a refresher, Crowdstrike is a cybersecurity firm that reportedly investigated the supposed hack on the Democrat National Committee server in 2016. The hack was supposedly from two Russian groups, but no one will know because the investigation results were kept private. There is speculation that the supposed Russian interference in the 2016 election originated in Ukraine. You know, the source of Biden family wealth and mega-donations to the Clinton Foundation.

The charade involving Biden is that once the issue arose again from the second-hand whistleblower complaint against Trump, Biden’s response was to deny it and call for Trump’s impeachment. Classic distraction technique at work.

The impeachment charade follows the 10-month FBI investigation into Russian collusion. Sorry, after much ado from the left the FBI found nothing. That was followed by the Mueller investigation that took two years. Democrats and the media managed to keep that charade alive for the entire two years. Again, nothing was found. They also in that time attempted another charade to discredit a Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Same tactics, different charade.

Washington Democrats and a compliant media know how to play the charade game. The best counter to that is transparency and refusing to play their game. Trump has done both. In the meantime, Democrats are completely ignoring the business of the country. I think there is some upside to that, as they can’t do any damage that way. Meanwhile, the populace is restless. We are tired of the charade.


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