Letters to the Editor for September 11, 2019

Surrendering animals a better option than abandonment

To the person who left guinea pigs outside of St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church:

When I was leaving Mass last Sunday morning, I found two sweet and beautiful guinea pigs in a plastic tub with some food and water and a sign that said they were free. As much as I would have loved to take them home, it would not be a good fit with our rescue dogs.

I took them to the Carson City Humane Society where they were put in a clean cage and placed up for adoption. They assured me that people call frequently for guinea pigs and were certain they would be adopted within the week.

I was upset that they were abandoned in hopes that someone would take them and they were uncovered, which left them vulnerable to cats, coyotes, birds of prey and other animals. I understand that sometimes people are not able to keep their pets. However, please be responsible and take them to the Humane Society for surrender, where they will be well taken care of until placed in a loving home. The Humane Society is a better and more loving option than leaving them vulnerable and at risk.

Ellie Coburn

Washoe Valley


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