'Hip, cool' luxury Midtown apartments to charge $1,400-$1,800 in rent

RENO, Nev. — Last week, Pilot Real Estate Group introduced Haskell Row, Reno's newest luxury rental and retail community that has development roots in both New York City and upscale Connecticut.

According to a Sept. 10 news release provided by The Abbi Agency on behalf of the project's developers, Haskell Row — located on Haskell Street in the city's Midtown district — encompasses 30 luxury residential rental units, in addition to 4,000 square feet of new retail and office space.

"The property will be the only ground-up luxury rental project in the Midtown District," according to the release.

The multi-use community offers 22 duplex two-story units, at 840 square feet, with one bedroom and a 1.5 baths. Each unit has a private side yard, a small office area, a laundry-storage room and a walk-in closet.

In addition, there will be a building with eight 1-bedroom apartments (at 540 square feet), with the four ground floor units each having a 180-square-foot private yard. Ample onsite parking is available for both the residents and commercial tenants, according to the release.

“Haskell Row brings a modern, hip, cool, new residential and retail experience to Midtown, something we felt would be a great addition to the neighborhood,” said George Graham, a New York real estate investor who partnered with Greenwich, Connecticut-based Pilot Real Estate Group to develop the project. “As Connecticut and New York City-based real estate developers, we hope to bring the same modern and trendy live-work experience to Reno that we have successfully created in our Brooklyn projects.”

According to a Sept. 3 story from the Reno Gazette Journal's Jason Hidalgo detailing the project, rents will start out at $1,400 for a 540-square-foot unit and $1,800 for an 840-square-foot duplex when the rentals come online later this year.

While those prices may seem high to locals who balk at the region's mounting housing crisis and its subsequent rising rental and home prices (Reno's median home price has hovered around $400,000 for the past several months), Graham says Haskell Row offers an urban lifestyle that more and more people with disposable income are seeking.

“Reno is now attracting people at a higher income level but it currently doesn't have enough luxury rentals in Midtown to support them,” Graham said in the Sept. 3 RGJ story. “I don't think there's enough new luxury rental units in Reno and we believe there's real demand for it.”

According to the Sept 10 press release, the property will feature modern and urban finishes with stainless steel appliances, stone countertops, and polished concrete and vinyl wood flooring. Exteriors will have Bodie Ghosttown wood accents, among other amenities.

“Our target resident is someone who wants to live an urban lifestyle while renting a duplex or apartment unit that is an accurate reflection of their style,” Graham said in the press release. “We feel like Haskell Row will do just that in Reno.”

The Haskell Row property also includes Coffeebar Roastery, which opened in November 2018 at 1030 Haskell St.

For more information about Haskell Row, call the Leasing Gallery 775-737-7327 or visit www.facebook.com/HaskellRow.


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