#MeToo movement's impact on the workplace focus of Sept. 27 WIN breakfast

Mike Domitrz has been featured on NBC Dateline as a featured subject matter expert.

Mike Domitrz has been featured on NBC Dateline as a featured subject matter expert.

RENO, Nev. — The Western Industrial Nevada (WIN) September breakfast event next week features author and award-winning trainer Mike Domitrz.

According to a press release from WIN, Domitrz "believes the national #MeToo movement has inspired change that few are discussing: that the movement is actually strengthening our workplaces in significant ways."

Domitrz will discuss this and other topics during the 7-9 a.m. breakfast event on Sept. 27 at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa.

"Domitrz is one of the world's leading influencers and a subject matter expert on sexual harassment," according to a WIN press release. "Decades before #MeToo cases were on the cover of every major media publication, Domitrz was being brought in by leading educational institutions and the U.S. military to help them pursue a new standard of consent and respect."

According to the release, Domitrz will address the following on Sept 27:

  • Knocking down old beliefs that cause unintended harm to individuals and the organization.
  • How the language we use, in subtle and unintentional ways, can trigger coworkers and cause unintended harm.
  • How to intervene when you hear and/or see someone not being treated with respect.
  • How to positively support those who have experienced disrespectful behaviors and/or language.
  • The fears and stereotypes surrounding the topic of changing an organization's culture.
  • The vision for what a culture founded in respect at all levels looks and feels like.
  • Fostering and building that culture of respect each day going forward with specific habits and choices each person can implement immediately in their lives.

Breakfast is $45 for non-members and $20 for members who do not have a pre-paid membership. Go to www.winevada.com to learn more and to register.


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