Letters to the Editor for September 25, 2019

Small actions, not protests, best for the environment

Teenagers all over the world are protesting global warming.

They shouldn’t just be protesting; they should be making personal commitments to correct the problem.

For example, those who drive should slow down, quit driving too close so they can avoid using their brakes excessively and also slow down when approaching a red light. These actions will reduce gas usage.

They should car pool and use public transportation when it is available.

Taking shorter showers will save water and reduce energy costs

They should also ask their parents to do these things.

They could also start a campaign for everyone to reduce the amount of electricity usage by turning off lights when they are not in use.

They could offer to help parents, grandparents and senior citizens to seal windows to reduce energy usage.

There are a lot of ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and missing school is not the way. Doing something constructive is how things get done, not protesting for someone else to do something

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

Is this OK, Rep. Amodei?

Rep. Mark Amodei needs to tell his constituents why he thinks it is OK that the acting director of national intelligence is refusing to turn a legitimate whistleblower complaint brought by the Inspector General over to Congress when the law requires him to?

If the story about Trump’s call to the Ukrainian president is true and he asked him eight times to investigate Biden, and then when he couldn’t get anything from him he cut off their military aid that they need to prevent a Russian invasion, I want to know why Amodei thinks that is OK and doesn’t warrant impeachment.

Two questions that need answers. I expect to be disappointed and disgusted by his instinctive partisan defense of his leader who is devoid of ethics, morals or respect for the law. But as a constituent, Amodei owes me and others an explanation for why he thinks these things are OK. Or, possibly the representative could shock and say he doesn’t think these things are OK and will be joining his fellow conservative Justin Amash in growing a spine.

Mike Jones

Carson City


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