Assistance League® Reno-Sparks has stories to tell (nonprofit spotlight)

The stories we tell become the gifts we give not only to ourselves but also to others, and Assistance League® Reno-Sparks has many stories to tell as its volunteers carry out the nonprofit's mission; transforming the lives of children and adults through community programs.

As a new member, I have been fascinated by the dedication and hard work volunteers devote to every task, committee and philanthropic program the organization supports.

This became even more evident when Assistance League President Sue Boon began an endeavor to spotlight this dedication by asking members to write down their stories so that she might share these with the entire membership. And the stories started to flow!

As I listened to some of these narratives at the very next chapter meeting, my heart expanded with gratefulness, my eyes began to tear, and my mind searched for ways that I, too, could make a difference in my community. From the Read to ME program with preschoolers to the Stand Down event for veterans, the anecdotes made me realize how being a part of this organization would change my life. I had found a way to make a difference!

One of many items to be auctioned off at the March 7 event.

You can also become a part of our story by supporting Assistance League's new fundraiser. On March 7 at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Reno, residents of Northern California and Nevada will experience a unique opportunity when Assistance League collaborates with Bonhams International Auction House to provide attendees verbal valuations for up to five items at Reno Expo Auctioneer Valuations. Photos with detailed descriptions of items too large to transport to the event such as furniture or automobiles are welcome. The Bonhams specialists will be actively seeking consignments for auctions.

Activities will be held at Atlantis Paradise Ballrooms A-E. During the event, guests will be able to attend informational presentations led by Bonhams specialists as they offer insight into the categories of fine art, jewelry and Asian décor. Check-in begins at 9:30 a.m., doors open at 10:00 a.m. For example, items could include fine art, California art, Modern art, Western art, Native American art and artifacts, Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan) artifacts (jade, porcelain, images of devotion), jewelry (with sapphires, rubies, diamonds, emeralds, etc.), pottery, china, and other items of fine décor.

One of many items to be auctioned off at the March 7 event.

Tickets which will grant guests all-day access to the event are available for $25 at EventbriteRenoExpo2020. Ticket sales are limited to 1,000 people, so get your ticket soon.

Assistance League plans to add the profits from this event to the revenues that fund its philanthropic programs. One of those programs, Links to Learning, is available to teachers in Washoe County School District and provides monetary awards to fund projects that would otherwise be paid by the educators or would not be available to students.

One such project funded this past school year provided the much-needed Full Option Science System (FOSS) kits, an award-winning, hands-on science curriculum that engages students with meaningful active-learning experiences. Here is one of their stories:

A student works with a Full Option Science System (FOSS) kit.

“Students hold a string to simulate a web is interesting, but to examine multiple food chains and energy webs as the kit allowed made the concept of transfer of energy so much more understandable. Students were able to learn how producers and consumers interacted in energy transfer, and they were able to see how the decomposer level actually worked. We still have worms in the containers and they are still doing their work!” - Fifth grade teacher Washoe County School District.

Come to Reno Expo, Auctioneer Valuations and become a part of our story because you, too, can make a difference in the lives of children and adults in our shared community.

This article was provided by Assistance League® Reno-Sparks, which sponsors this content.


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