NNBW Support Your Local Business Sweepstakes profile: BluePeak Technology Solutions

Brian Gifford is owner of BluePeak Technology Solutions.

Brian Gifford is owner of BluePeak Technology Solutions.

EDITOR'S NOTE: On April 7, the NNBW launched the “Support Your Local Business Sweepstakes” as a way to support local businesses in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the Sweepstakes in April, May and June, we'll be featuring each of our business partners in a special Q-and-A. Today, we profile BluePeak Technology Solutions.

NNBW: Tell us about your business and some of the most important services you provide?

Answer: BluePeak Technology Solutions designs, deploys and manages complex IT infrastructure systems for companies that depend on technology for growth and efficiency across the U.S. Our services cover common needs such as Office365, managed backup and disaster recovery, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, to name a few.

NNBW: What are some of the key things your business does to ensure premium levels of customer service?

Answer: My first job was in a bike shop at 16, which taught me a lot about customer service. I learned to actively listen, ask the right questions, and tailor my recommendations for each customer. At BluePeak, we take this same approach to help clients select and use the vast range of technology options that are often available. Another thing that sets us apart is our level of training and knowledge. We are Northern Nevada's premier partner for many of the biggest names in technology, such as Cisco Systems, and we invest heavily in training and certifications. Many of our consultants are world-recognized experts that help our clients get the most of their technology investments.

NNBW: What makes Northern Nevada such a great place to own and operate a business?

Answer: Northern Nevada is an amazing place with many attractive benefits, including year-round outdoor recreation options, zero state income tax, short commutes and a flourishing local food and arts scene. The business community is incredibly open and supportive, with groups such as Entrepreneurs Organization, NCET and EDAWN doing a great job.

NNBW: As a local business owner, why do you feel it's important to give back to the community?

Answer: I believe our community is only as good as what we make it and that businesses have a responsibility to contribute. To that end, we are working to create opportunities for the next generation through the Microsoft High School Engagement program, as well supporting many of our important charities. We are seeing a strong demand for IT expertise and continue to hire through this pandemic.

NNBW: What are you doing to support other local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: The remote workforce is here to stay. Fortunately, many of our clients already had the systems in place to work from home but were not leveraging it on the scale that we're seeing today. By sharing our best practices and resources with the business community, we have made it easy for many who were not ready to get up and running quickly. For those that need to purchase equipment or services, we are often able to provide unique financing options through our technology partners.


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