Covering Your Assets: How COVID impacted my holidays (Voices)

As originally devised, I was “retiring” from practicing as a CPA on December 31, 2020. I had fulfilled my four-year commitment with CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) and was of the retiring age (55).

Those who know me were certain I was not ready to grab a rocking chair or start honing my golf game.

I had successfully navigated getting my Business Brokers Permit and was slated to begin working for the co-host of my radio show (Katrina Loftin, managing partner of M&A Business Advisors), as a business broker effective January 1, 2021.

As 2020 wrapped up, I had already begun getting traction on the business broker front, and had a couple listings, and was in contract on another. I was excited about the prospects of a new challenge.

As December got underway, the underpinnings of my CLA retirement started to fray, which culminated in CLA asking me to buy my book of business from them, in lieu of my retirement benefits.

I felt like 2020 had already become the standard bearer for being able to pivot. I pondered what the potential would be to have a full-service accounting firm coupled with the business brokerage. Hmmmm…

The crew at CLA we had assembled was a great team. Having them in the wings would certainly assist in the business brokerage part of the equation. It would also allow me to continue to help strategize tax with my clients (which I love) and create a path forward for them to eventually exit their business.

I accepted their offer! We started getting systems in place and getting the requisite client releases to efficiently transfer information, so from a client perspective, there were no bumps in the road.

On the move

Simultaneous with the discussions with CLA, I was also getting ready to move back into my house off Foothill Road. We had been dislocated for 18 months for the project.

We were eager to get back to our forever home; we also had my brother’s family and my father slated to arrive on December 23. We took possession of the house on December 18. We had full work crews on site until my brother arrived.

Christmas – the gift that keeps on giving

Christmas for the Bosma Family was magical. It was great to host my family and get familiarized with the new-old house. Small diversions, like the dryer duct being blocked, were encountered, but quickly overcome.

My brother headed home early the morning of December 27. Jill’s family arrived that night. Upon their arrival, we did the second wave of Christmas.

On December 28, while maintaining my sense of smell, and having no fever, I felt terrible. At least it wasn’t COVID! Pushed through New Year’s. We canceled the office New Year’s Party, in an abundance of caution.

Then COVID happened

I received a call from my brother on January 4. He asked how I was feeling. I said like a truck ran over me. He said he tested positive for COVID. I tested the next day and received the results one day later. I was positive for COVID, too.

The good news was that quarantine was not difficult because I had no energy to do anything anyway.

The lessons learned

Every organization has their own protocols. I was better suited asking questions, and accepting the answers, rather than arguing. I did find success in challenging things that didn’t make sense.

For example, I had scheduled a visit to Renown urgent care, but when I arrived, they said they don’t see people who have already tested positive. When we challenged that — the online survey said to go to urgent care — they relented.

Getting bloodwork was the same. Labcorp said on the phone that you didn’t have to have a printed doctor order, but upon arrival, tough tamales. Renown Medical Group at the Summit Mall said they did not take drop-ins, but upon arrival, the COVID crew happily did the car-side blood draw from the comfort of my vehicle, albeit with hazmat suits.

Once you have had COVID, people keep their distance

As of the writing of this article, I feel demonstrably better, and can say that it is 15-plus days since my first symptoms, and I have no fever or symptoms.

As for me, I’m glad I got it out of the way. I lived through it and am glad to be on the other side.

My best advice is to wear a mask. Be a good citizen. If you get COVID, watch your blood-oxygen levels, walk every hour, even if you don’t feel like it, and take zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D.

The best part of all of the above is that our amazing team all rallied to serve our clients and make all the magic happen. It really was the best kind of COVID Christmas.

Wishing you and yours all the magic for 2021 and beyond. Viva la COVID!

Michael D. Bosma, CPA, is Principal-in-Charge of Keystone CPAs and a business broker with M&A Business Advisors in Reno. His NNBW column, “Covering Your Assets,” focuses on effective planning strategies for every business owner. Reach him for comment at


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