In 4-1 vote, Carson City supes ban cannabis consumption lounges

By a 4-1 vote Thursday, July 15, the Board of Supervisors took a pass on hosting cannabis lounges in Carson City.

The motion was in direct response to Assembly Bill 341, which Gov. Steve Sisolak signed into law in June, giving counties the option to welcome cannabis lounges.

Carson City's new ordinance prohibits business licensure of cannabis consumption lounges and prohibits the consumption of cannabis and cannabis products in public places.

Mayor Lori Bagwell pointed out the city has two retail cannabis dispensaries within city limits and said that neither voiced any opinions for or against the ordinance. Though, the board did receive two public comments via email, rejecting the ordinance.

Supervisor Maurice White voted against the motion on the basis that it was premature action, considering the legislative session just recently ended, and Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board has promised to release further regulations.

The law allowing lounges statewide does not go into effect until Oct. 1, and applications for cannabis lounge business licenses will not be considered until next year.

Bagwell said she did not want to be among the first cities in Nevada to host cannabis lounges.


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