People: Gardnerville Main Street's Matt Bruback to be new Genoa town manager

Matt Bruback

Matt Bruback Courtesy Photo

Gardnerville Main Street Executive Director Matt Bruback will be the new town manager of Genoa.

Bruback’s event planning experience was cited on May 10 by all members of the Genoa Town Advisory Board who interviewed candidates to replace Town Manager JT Chevallier.

Bruback beat out Douglas County Administrative Services Manager Natalie Wood and Gardnerville Town Maintenance Supervisor Ethan Gray for the job.

Four of the five town board members ranked Bruback as the top candidate, with Birdwell ranking Wood first.

A committee consisting of town board members Linda Birdwell and Gordon Pasley, along with legal counsel Mike Rowe, will negotiate with Bruback on salary and conditions of employment. The group was expected to meet in the days after the May 10 approval. 

“I really think Matt is the guy who will roll his sleeves up, jump in and get the job done,” Pasley said. “If a tree falls down, we don’t always have the opportunity to call a tree company. JT is out there to get that tree out of there. I think Matt would be the overall best fit.”

Birdwell said Bruback’s experience with Gardnerville was an important point in his favor.

“Matt definitely brings events experience,” Birdwell said. “Certainly, nothing as large as Candy Dance, but who comes into this role with that one in their back pocket? (I’m impressed with) what he’s done with the businesses and volunteers. For Genoa, those are our two stakeholders in our town. Those relationships are key.”

The town manager’s position, established in 2002, is the main coordinator for the annual Candy Dance fundraiser, held the last weekend in September.

Bruback came to Gardnerville in July 2019 from Florida, and currently resides in Dayton.

He is the third person to serve as director of Gardnerville’s Main Street program, the oldest in the state of Nevada.

“Overall, I like Matt, he has a good personality and good energy,” Genoa Town Chairman Steve Shively said. “Genoa understanding the problems is understanding how you can get to the solutions to the problems.”


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