2021-2022 Northern Nevada Guide: Read the digital edition here

The cover page of the 2021-2022 Northern Nevada Guide, a specialty magazine of the Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

The cover page of the 2021-2022 Northern Nevada Guide, a specialty magazine of the Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

This week, the NNBW published its new-look Northern Nevada Guide, a 116-page specialty magazine highlighting local businesses and showcasing various aspects of what it means to live, work and play across the Reno-Sparks, Carson City and Fallon-area markets.

The 2021-2022 Northern Nevada Guide was packaged with the Wednesday, Sept. 29, print edition of the NNBW for subscribers. Go here to flip through the digital edition of the guide, formerly known as the Northern Nevada Relocation Guide.

So, why the change in name — and why the increase in page count and overall coverage?

A few years ago, after several productive meetings with the Reno + Sparks Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, we recognized a void in our fast-growing market.

Beyond the business news we publish on a weekly basis at the NNBW, there was need for something more: an annual magazine loaded with need-to-know information and creative content catered to new business in the region that centered on three key verbs: live, work and play.

With the Chamber and EDAWN aboard as partners, we published the inaugural Northern Nevada Relocation Guide in late summer 2018, featuring the tagline, “What you need to know about living in Northern Nevada.”

What started as 36 pages grew to 48 pages in 2019 and then 68 in 2020. Over that three-year span, we focused on content highlighting the many perks of the Reno-Sparks region and why businesses and professionals should consider relocating here.

Yet, more opportunity called. While we had the “work” and “play” aspects of our original mission covered, we didn’t focus as much on actually “living” here.

After all, while we’ve graciously welcomed so many new residents and businesses the past few years, there are countless others who’ve been here for decades — not to mention, there’s a lot more to Northern Nevada than just Reno and Sparks.

And so, after several more productive meetings with the
Chamber and EDAWN — as well as our new partners this year, Carson City Chamber of Commerce and Churchill Entrepreneur Development Association — we decided a reimagined magazine was in order, one with a much more simplified, yet inclusive, tagline: "Local & Relocation."

As the saying goes, “it takes a community” to prosper and grow. And, to borrow a more recent phrase amid the COVID-19 pandemic, “we’re all in this together.”

With those important mantras in mind, we hope you enjoy flipping through our new-look 
Northern Nevada Guide — and, at 116 pages this year, we’re certain you’ll agree it’s not only a bit different than before, but better than ever.

Melissa Saavedra, associate publisher of the Northern Nevada Business Weekly, can be reached at msaavedra@nevadanewsgroup.com. K
evin MacMillan, NNBW editor, can be reached at kmacmillan@nevadanewsgroup.com.


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