Updated protection measures set for Nevada unemployment

To protect the identity of claimants and continue to keep accounts safe and secure from potential fraud, DETR’s Employment Security Division would like claimants to know it will be updating the security measures in its Unemployment Insurance Claimant’s Portal.

Active or new unemployment claimants will be required to log into their existing ID.me accounts or complete a new identity verification with ID.me upon every entry before accessing the Claimant Self-Service portal. Once claimants complete this security measure, they’ll be able to log in directly to their accounts as usual.

DETR is required by federal law to validate the identity of anyone filing for unemployment benefits. In partnership with our security consultants, Unemployment Insurance staff believes this will strengthen protections against fraudulent and imposter claim attempts and keep legitimate accounts secure.

The update is scheduled to be complete on the evening of Dec. 28.

Steps to follow starting the evening of Dec. 28:

• Active unemployment claimants will go to ui.nv.gov as they normally would.

• Click on the “For UI Claimants” tab

• Click on the “File A UI Claim” button

• Enter their claimant self-service credentials to sign into their UI account

• They will then see the following screen upon every entry:

• Click on either the green “Sign in with ID.me” button or the “ID.me Create an account” button

• The claimant will then enter their ID.me account credentials and follow the prompts presented in the ID.me portal or create a new ID.me account to verify their identity

• The claimant will have the option when choosing how to verify their identity to pick a “Self-Service” option or a direct option to go straight to a Trusted Referee “Video Chat Agent”

• Claimant UI account self-service credentials will not be the same as their ID.me credentials

• Once the claimant has logged in with ID.me each time, they will be redirected back to their UI claimant self-service account and will have full access as usual

If the claimant has forgotten their ID.me password, they can reset their password from the ID.me portal. The claimant will need access to the email address associated with the ID.me account to retrieve their password.

For questions regarding this change to the login process or if additional assistance is needed, claimants may contact the telephone Claim Center line at 775-684-0350 or 702-486-0350, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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