People: Cortney Young opens new firm, ADR Partners

Cortney Young

Cortney Young

Cortney Young has opened her new firm, ADR Partners, a full-service dispute resolution company specializing in mediation, arbitration, and parenting coordination services. Young brings nearly a decade of mediation experience to the firm.

ADR Partners is focused on the resolution of litigated disputes, including but not limited to: asset valuation, eminent domain, securities, probate and trust disputes, breach of contract, homeowner association disputes, foreclosure and super-priority mediation, boundary disputes, landlord- tenant, dissolution of marriage, and complex civil litigation.

Additionally, ADR Partners will serve as a resource for law firms and attorneys who require mediation work on behalf of client matters. Individuals may also work directly with ADR Partners on applicable meditation services, most often required during a family dispute, separation or to resolve a co-parenting issue between high-conflict or court-ordered parents.

ADR Partners is based in Reno. To learn more, visit 


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