Carson Conversation: Ongoing COVID makes setting goals a challenge (Voices)

Ronni Hannaman is executive director of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce.

Ronni Hannaman is executive director of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce. Courtesy Photo

The tried-and-true tradition of compiling New Year’s Resolutions or even setting business goals has become rather challenging in this very uncertain world dictated by the latest COVID variant; therefore, I am finding trying to make plans for 2022 personally and professionally a waste of energy.

Over the past almost two years, we’ve learned to take each day as it comes and to realize even the most solid plans can be upended in an instant.

As I read and listen to the various news outlets touting predictions for at least the first half of 2022, I find little enthusiasm that the current pandemic will abate any time soon.

Thus, the Chamber’s goal for 2022 is to conduct “business as usual” by supporting our business community in the way we have done since March 2020. Of course, we will look to the future and be ready to return to whatever normal was pre-pandemic.

We shall continue to stay on top of all the important issues relevant to businesses — large and small — that continue to experience labor shortages, supply shortages, governmental mandates, and more to keep us all guessing.  While we are powerless to solve these issues, we can be the watchdog to send out alerts.

We shall continue to sort through the frantic media noise to advise our members how to operate in this era of governmental mandates and misinformation. We know with all the current concerns, it’s impossible for businesses to keep up with the latest CDC, OSHA, state and local edicts that, too, can change within the same day.

Encouraging all to shop local is more important than ever now that so many are comfortable in their remote reality conducting most business and shopping online.

It’s our continued goal to remind locals that although governments may be collecting record tax dollars on online purchases, without physically shopping local at brick-and-mortar businesses, those businesses may close, thus losing our character and sense of community.

Maintaining good relations with those who govern is important. To that end, we plan to continue our live monthly member coffee chats with our mayor and to work closely with our state legislators.

We continue to look forward to a better tomorrow where we can talk without being muted by a mask, sit in meetings, conduct networking sessions, and hold educational luncheons and open houses without fear of COVID contamination. Mostly, we look forward to continuing to serve our loyal members in whatever way we can as we continue to navigate the maze.

Wishing all a prosperous and COVID free 2022.

“Carson Conversation” is a monthly NNBW Voices column authored by Ronni Hannaman, executive director of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce. Reach her for comment at


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