Nevatio Engineering opens in Reno


Nevatio Engineering an on-demand Machine Design and Automation Company has opened in Reno.

Co-founded by Emil Geiger, PhD, PE; Marc A. Magarin, ME; and James Walker ME, EE; the team is capable of mechanical design, electrical design, system controls, functional prototyping, machine design, automation, and machine retrofits.

Nevatio operates as a floating engineering department for mid-sized industrial manufacturing and technology companies who need engineering services without committing to expensive house overhead costs.

Specializing in solving difficult engineering and design problems, manufacturing and logistics companies make up the bulk of Nevatio’s clients. When problems with equipment or new expansion initiatives come up, Nevatio can step in.

The team at Nevatio are experts and have worked on projects such as machine design, special devices, industrial equipment, jigs and fixtures, and automation and controls.
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