People: Brianna O’ Donnell, Breanna Ball, Carey White, and Lisa Foley join Chase International

Brianna O’ Donnell

Brianna O’ Donnell

Chase International recently welcomed Brianna O’ Donnell, Breanna Ball, and Carey White to its Reno office, while Lisa Foley joined the team in Zephyr Cove.

As the assistant director, marketing manager, instructor and performer for the Reno Dance Company, O’ Donnell has accomplished more than most over the past 15 years within the arts and culture community in Northern Nevada.

Breanna Ball


This trait, along with her inventive mindset and level of confidence is every reason she is an accomplished top producer in the field of real estate.

Throughout her career, Ball has refined a work-ethic that defines ‘professional’ in every sense of the word. As manager of an animal hospital for 7 years, and vet tach as well, Ball excelled as a leader for her team with a heart for helping those who needed her skills most.

Cary White

Carrying the same traits into her real estate career, she provides buyers and sellers alike with the same prominent level of attention and deep level of respect.

White has experienced life lessons as a professional musician who has traveled the world with some of the industry’s most accomplished professionals. As a session drummer, White developed a fervent appreciation for the art of listening.

He is also an educator who has invested endless hours teaching children how to achieve their dreams. Today, these characteristics to listen, communicate, and achieve greater things in life are every reason why White’s clients refer him to friends near and far.

Combining a master’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, with her long service as a college library director in Lake Tahoe, Foley brings a pragmatic and perceptive approach to the real estate business.

Lisa Foley

She has lived, worked, and owned homes around Lake Tahoe for more than 30 years – an experience that gives her a deep and intimate knowledge for finding the perfect home or positioning a property for sale.

Having also lived in Britain, Spain, and Mexico, Foley thrives on working with a wide diversity of clients, using her investigative skills to find the right solution to any challenge.

Fortunately for her clients, she works side-by-side in a team effort with her daughter, who is also a top-selling licensed agent. Together, the two generations bring a unique perspective for navigating today’s extremely competitive market.


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