Montane Building Group completes tenant improvements for Ridgeline Incline Village Office

Montane Building Group announced they have completed tenant improvements for a Ridgeline office space located at 932 Southwood Blvd in Incline Village.

Tenant improvements included remodeling two floors of the existing office building, totaling 5,399 square feet. The existing flooring, ceiling and most walls were demolished. Four training rooms and a unisex restroom were built back on the first floor on the first floor. The improvements also included building back an open office space with two 1-on-1 rooms and a 10-person conference room on the second floor. Finishes include unique, 3-D multi-colored acoustic wall tiles, installed in the conference room to help with sound attenuation.

The architecture and design for the project was done by One Studio and construction began in June 2021. This project is the fourth of five office tenant improvements completed for Ridgeline, a fast- growing technology company in the Reno-Tahoe area.

Founded in 2012, Montane Building Group specializes in being a design-build structured company. Design-build brings the designers to the construction team, which creates a successful team environment. Design-build projects are streamlined, making them faster and more cost effective in comparison to design- bid-build projects. For more information,  visit


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