Craft Beer Marketing Awards “Crushie” winners announced

The 2022 Craft Beer Marketing Awards “Crushie” winners were announced in two ceremonies.

Winners were announced in a virtual awards ceremony on Facebook LIVE as well as on stage at the Craft Brewers conference in Minneapolis.

The CBMAs is a worldwide competition that focuses specifically on excellence in the artistic and creative marketing and packaging efforts of breweries, designers and agencies craft beer that play a critical role in differentiating brands in the retail marketplace.

For its third year, the CBMAs accepted entries from around the globe from five regions. A total of 250 awards were presented to winning brewers, designers, and marketing agencies. This year there were 89 Platinum, 135 Gold, and 26 Global Crushie winners.

The fourth CMBAs season kicks off in September. Early-bird entries for the 2023 awards season and judge recruitment will be accepted starting Sept. 12.
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