Nevada marijuana sales near $1 billion for year

Marijuana seedlings

Marijuana seedlings

Nevada’s legal recreational and medical marijuana dealers sold just shy of $1 billion worth of pot in the fiscal year ended June 30.
Those dispensaries reported just over $965 million in taxable sales during the year. That total is a 4 percent decrease from the previous fiscal year when taxable sales totaled more than $1 billion.
Of that, 78 percent or $754.3 million was generated in Clark County. Wahoe County reported $126.8 million in taxable sales, just over 13 percent of the total. The rest was in Nevada’s rural counties. The remaining 9 percent or $83.8 million was generated in the other 15 Nevada counties including Carson City.
Those taxable sales generated $147 million in revenue that was transferred to the state education fund. The rest of the $152.3 million in collections goes to pay for operation of the Cannabis Compliance Board and other administrative costs of managing the program.
Nevada imposes a 15 percent wholesale excise tax on recreational and medical pot sales. In addition, the state adds another 10 percent to retail recreational marijuana sales.


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