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Bill Leonard

Bill Leonard

In today's world, often marked by disparities and hardships, the role of organizations dedicated to uplifting the disadvantaged is truly invaluable.

Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada (CCNN) stands among these beacons of hope. It’s an organization deeply rooted in its mission to provide essential services and support to those in need. With a rich history and a solid commitment to compassion, CCNN has become a cornerstone of aid and empowerment in our Northern Nevada community.

Since 1941, CCNN has been dedicated to caring for the homeless, vulnerable, and working poor. Over the years, CCNN has grown to offer a comprehensive range of human services that address emergency needs while helping each client with a sustainability plan.

CCNN’s services include food for low and very low-income individuals and families, basic medical attention for the homeless, assistance with legal immigration, rental assistance, case management, residential sober living, and much more.

For those of us living in Northern Nevada, when we hear about CCNN, we immediately think about its dining room and thrift stores. Yet CCNN is so much more.

What is different today about CCNN from 80 years ago is how its focus has expanded. CCNN continues to meet our community's most basic needs as a provider of food, clothing, and other emergency services. Yet the organization’s assistance programs continue to evolve, emphasizing an expanded focus on moving people out of the cycle of poverty to meaningful and sustainable living. In addition, CCNN’s focus on programming gives its clients the tools to seek higher-paying employment, stable housing, financial literacy, and parenting and relationship skills.

Moving to a service-oriented approach, CCNN has opened a new Neighborhood Center in North Valley, Sun Valley, Moana, and Winnemucca. Winnemucca is the organization's first food pantry and neighborhood center outside of the Reno area. Officially, CCNN serves 13 of the 17 counties in Nevada, covering over 61,000 square miles.

CCNN's headquarters are right here in Reno. 185 employees strong (155 are full-time), CCNN people bring their special talents to the table, whether professional experience or life skills.

What's "very cool" about CCNN? It's the company's unwavering dedication to compassion and dignity. Regardless of an individual's background, faith, or circumstances, CCNN opens its doors to offer assistance without judgment.

It’s no secret that the needs of disadvantaged individuals and families are diverse. Some of those needs include Homeless and Housing Assistance, Food and Nutrition, Healthcare Services, Immigrant and Refugee Support, Educational Initiatives, and Disaster Relief. You can look to CCNN to be at the forefront of most of these critical needs.

Challenges? Every organization has them. CCNN is not exempt. The biggest challenge CCNN faces is offering programs that create meaningful change. The board and staff are constantly making their best efforts to adjust programming that will break the cycle of poverty.

To that end, CCNN will launch an Elevating Families program addressing its most significant challenge this fall. Program participants will work with a trained mobility mentor using the proven emPATH model to increase earning potential and reduce the stresses of poverty.

A big plus for Catholic Charities USA, CCNN's national umbrella organization, is understanding the importance of collaboration and partnerships in creating lasting change. Catholic Charities USA amplifies its reach and effectiveness by teaming up with local governments, other nonprofits, businesses, and volunteers. This collective effort ensures that resources are maximized, duplication is minimized, and communities are truly served in the best possible way.

Finally, central to Catholic Charities USA's success is the army of dedicated volunteers who selflessly give their time and expertise.

Are there questions that CCNN wishes people would ask them about CCNN? The answer is Yes. How can I get my company involved? Contact CCNN at its headquarters in Reno. How can I, as an individual, get involved? Contact CCNN at its headquarters in Reno.

In a world often divided by differences, CCNN stands as a symbol of unity and hope. At its core, CCNN helps people, regardless of their faith, who struggle with poverty and other complex issues. As a Catholic Charities USA member agency, CCNN’s advocacy and disaster relief programs are making tangible progress toward providing help and hope to our neighbors in Northern Nevada.

Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada is indeed changing lives for the better every single day.

If you want to learn more about CCNN and the services and results they provide, you have an opportunity right around the corner at NCET Tech Wednesday in September.

Sign up early for CCNN’s presentation on September 13 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. with networking from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. During your visit, you will hear and learn about:

  • The history of Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada
  • What CCNN views as the most critical current needs in our community.
  • The range of services provided.
  • Opportunities for individuals and businesses to get involved.
  • What the future holds.

So don't be late. Register now by visiting

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