People: Colleen Morrison named chief people officer at Keystone CPA

Colleen Morrison

Colleen Morrison

Keystone CPAs has announced Colleen Morrison as the new chief people officer.

With a dynamic career spanning over 20 years, Morrison brings a wealth of expertise and a transformative vision to cultivate a thriving organizational culture that will drive Keystone CPAs talent acquisition plan.

Morrison’s journey began with a bachelor's degree in music from Indiana University, followed by a relocation to the vibrant city of Austin. In her early career, she made her mark as a recruiter, specializing in placing computer science graduates across the U.S. into their first professional careers within various Fortune 500 companies.

This experience allowed her to hone her skills in recruiting, conversion rate optimization, and employee retention, positioning her as a trailblazer in these fields.

Morrison’s reputation as a visionary leader is further solidified by her credential as a certified life coach. This diverse skill set enables her to approach human capital management with a holistic perspective, fostering an environment where employees are empowered not only to excel professionally but also to embark on personal development journeys.

Morrison’s appointment marks a significant milestone for Keystone CPAs, signaling a commitment to nurturing an environment where employees thrive, and the company's national presence expands.


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