County to borrow $8 million for sewer/water improvements

YERINGTON - Lyon County will borrow up to $8 million to fund sewer and water improvement projects in Dayton and Mound House.

Utilities Manager Mark Clarkson said $1 million would go toward the Mound House system, with the remainder being distributed among other projects.

"Within a five-year period all construction activities under this bond will be completed," Clarkson said.

Lyon County commissioners last week began the process by approving the bond sale, saying the revenue would be used to fund the sewer and water improvements. The bonds are to be repaid by the county's general fund.

The board's approval came with a reminder for county officials to continue pursuing grant opportunities.

County Engineer Dan O'Brien said because the Mound House water system was a health safety issue, $3 million of the total cost of improvements will be covered by grants.

"If a project is a question of health and safety, it can qualify for grant funding. When you get into growth needs, the grants aren't necessarily there," he said.

According to staff members, bonds that are repaid from the county's general fund generally provide funds at the lowest interest rates.


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