Douglas schools don't follow own regulations

I would just like to let Sheree Pharris, the former nurse who claims Douglas County School District violated its own regulations by not following a three-step conflict resolution process, that it probably would not have done any good any way.

Pendery Clark told me during the Step 2 meeting of my conflict resolution process in June of 1998, that it was the first one she'd been involved in and she wasn't sure how the process worked. At Step 3, the Board and I came to an agreement (Step 3 was held in a meeting without the public - I'm not supposed to tell about what went on in the meeting).

However, in the official memorandum, dated July 16, 1998, that included the corrections as per direction of the Board of Education, the Assistant Superintendent wrote, "Whether or not individuals are entitled to (the agreed upon solution between the DCSD Board of Education and myself) bears on those individuals' consciences alone." To me this was a violation of DCSD Policy 410 that states, "An employee who processes a complaint by the following procedure shall be assured freedom from restraint, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal."

I sent copies of this letter to each board member and spoke to three of them on the phone regarding what I felt was a violation of Policy 410. One board member said he couldn't understand why DCSD kept losing so many long-term classified employees and that he would look into it (never heard back). Another board member told me that I was "misusing public funds." Another violation of Policy 410? And a third told me there was nothing to be done about it.

I chose not to pick up my contract for the 98-99 school year.

I now happily work elsewhere where I am fully supported by certified staff and administrators.




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