FISH food collection sets record

A record amount of food was collected and handed over to FISH, Executive Director Monte Fast said.

A total count showed that 74,465 cans were turned over as a result of the weeklong Trick or Treat for Friends in Service Helping project held before Halloween.

"The food, now being sorted by FISH volunteers, will be ready to fill Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, and provide generous food grants to the hundreds of families who will be coming to FISH for help during the cold winter months ahead," Fast said.

The program is sort of a competition between schools and classrooms, as each collects items to be turned over.

Carson Middle School won the 1999 competition with 44.21 cans of food for each student at the school.

"They brought in 47,223 cans or 63 percent of the record total of 74,465," said Fast.

Mrs. Briggeman, with 20.023, and Mrs. Campbell with 18,428 cans vied for top classroom totals in the middle school.

"Carson Middle School has won every year except one during the past ten years," Fast said.

Tom Antle, owner of Gotta-Bzz's Pizza will give the Carson Middle School PTA organization a cash award of $700. Eagle Valley Middle School will receive $300.

Fritsch Elementary School won the elementary school level with an average of 9.6 cans per student. Its total was 6,073 cans. The top grade school classroom also came from Fritsch, with Mrs. Callahan's students bringing 1,214 cans. Pete Livermore, owner of A&W Root Beer, will present a $400 cash award to Fritsch PTA. Fremont Elementary School will receive a second place award of $300 for its contribution of 3,872 cans, and Seeliger Elementary, which produced an exact amount of 3,872, wins a cash prize of $200 because it has a larger student body. Bordewich-Bray breaks into the cash award bracket with a $100 fourth place effort of 2,750 cans.

St. Teresa's School placed first in parochial division with an average of 11.7 cans per student. Its total reached 5,140 cants.

"Their leading teacher was former FISH employee, Shelly Luna," Fast said.

The parent association will receive a $200 cash award.

Bethlehem Lutheran students produced 1, 289 cans to earn a share of $100 with Capital Christian School which brought in 492 cans. Leading teacher at Bethlehem Lutheran was Mrs. Havg and her first-graders. Mrs. Lahle and her first grade class led the Capital Christian School.

Winning classrooms at the Junior High division will be given Gotta-Bzz Pizza Parties. The top grade school classroom gets an A&W Root Beer Party provided by Pete Livermore. The parochial school class will be given parties and tours of the new FISH Human Services Center.

One lucky teacher will win a trip to Hawaii, valued at $2,000. The drawing will be held at a special awards luncheon on Friday, Nov. 12. Each teacher whose classroom brought in 100 cans of food was entered.


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