Letter: Country doesn't want tougher gun laws

Donna Dees-Thomases, a part-time public relations consultant from New Jersey, is the mom who instigated the Million Mom March for gun control on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on May 14.

Dees-Thomases evidently doesn't understand the problem very well. She illogically equates "the right to bear arms" with licensing automobiles.

May I submit that, if this government opted to subjugate its citizens, it certainly wouldn't distribute cars to each member of its army, navy and air force to accomplish such a purpose. It would use guns! Big guns! The bigger, the better!

The Constitutional "right to bear arms" ensures the citizenry can overthrow any government with such a plan. It has nothing at all to do with hunting, which at that time, was a given.

Dees-Thomases states the National Rifle Association is the driving force behind Congress' failure to legislate tougher gun laws. She thinks 95 percent of Americans want tougher gun laws. If 95 percent of Americans want tougher gun laws, where did all those people who make up the NRA come from? Outer space?

My family lived in Southern California when the Watts riots were taking place. We owned no guns. My husband, who was working nights, purchased a weapon for his personal protection. I purchased a 15-load clip Carbine to protect our five children and myself. I was not taking up hunting. I intended to kill anyone who threatened me or mine! It was a quick learning experience. You aim and hold down the trigger!

We did not worry about our kids getting the guns and using them. I was home with my kids. We unloaded the guns, locked up the bullets and kept the keys out of their access.

The "Second Amendment Sisters-Armed Informed Mothers" also marched a few blocks away. This group opposes new gun laws proposing that gun ownership is a deterrent to crime in a high crime society.

Guns do not kill! People kill! I understand 32,000 Americans die from gunfire each year. I dare say, more than triple that number of the unborn are destroyed by their "mothers"without a gun. And it's perfectly legal. Immoral, unjust and sinful, but legal!

You want to stop the killing? Then stop killing the unborn! Or is that too simplistic or too inconvenient?


Carson City


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