Parnell has proven her worth

While walking through the halls of the Legislature during the 1999 session, talking and listening to our state senators and representatives as they discussed issues and bills, I had the opportunity to observe one particular senator.

A young lady from the audience gave testimony, and this same senator in a most insulting manner berated her and accused her of not knowing anything about the subject under discussion. During the 1997 session, a handicapped individual gave testimony on affordable housing. The senator asked him if he would be willing to live next door to someone from government housing, characterizing them all as one package of low life. Unbelievable as it sounds, it was the people of Nevada who voted this individual into office.

It is so important that we get out there and register to vote and learn everything we can about those individuals whose names will appear on the voting ballot. I recently approached Assemblywoman Bonnie Parnell who is running for reelection and asked her what she had accomplished since she was elected in 1999.

In addition to her continued work as a teacher for the past 25 years, Parnell served on the Assembly Government Affairs, Education, Transportation and Natural Resources Committee. She was appointed by Speaker Joe Dini as the only Assembly person to serve on the Commission on School Safety and Juvenile Violence. She is a member of the interim committee encouraging business to locate and conduct business in Nevada.

At the national level, she serves on the Human Services Committee of the National Council of State Legislatures Assembly on Federal Issues, a committee dealing with issues ranging from child care to elder abuse.

During her one term in the legislature, Parnell worked closely with city officials on legislation important to Carson City, including a bill to expand citizen participation on the Regional Transportation Commission. She also sponsored legislation increasing the amount paid to retired and active state employees to offset health insurance costs.

Parnell has proven her worth in her tireless efforts as a leader in our community and most certainly deserves to be reelected. SHIRLEY SWAFFORD, Carson City


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