New pastor happy to be back in the game

As the Rev. Kevin Trevithick begins his new role at Carson Valley Christian Center, he said he finds himself returning to his first love -- pastoring. Trevithick, who is taking over as the Center's family life pastor, spent the last seven years as executive director of Thousand Pines Camp and Conference Center in Southern California.

"What could be bad about leading kids and teaching them about life-changing experiences? That's what I'm about," said Trevithick.

"I'm not happy if I'm not helping people."

Trevithick, a 1976 graduate of UC Davis and a 1980 graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary in Southern California, has served as a youth pastor and pastor in Huntington Beach, Lompoc, Irvine and Laguna Hills, all in California.

The 47-year-old calm and soft-spoken man, was raised in the South Bay area in Burlingame, Calif. He has been married to Jennifer for 25 years, and has a daughter, Victoria, who is attending Azusa Pacific University in Southern California.

"We (Jennifer and I) are both committed to life changing ministry. It's our main priority in life."

He and Jennifer love to travel and will go at the drop of a hat if the money is there. He also enjoys sports. He plays a little basketball, tennis and is looking forward to getting back into fishing.

Trevithick said he's been involved in ministry just a little longer than he has been married and is looking forward to working with the congregation and people of Carson Valley and Carson City, to meet their needs as Christians.

"People are here to know Christ -- they're not numbers. We're here to build friendships. That's what Carson Valley Christian Center is all about."

Founded just four years ago by the Rev. John Jackson, the Center now ministers to about 2,500 members. It offers an extensive list of programs for all ages, including a singles group, weight loss program, martial arts, dance classes, men's and women's programs (including Mud Bowl football for everyone), sports ministry and adult outreach. The church is an active, interdenominational family center holding activities seven days a week.

"As the new person on staff, I'm not coming in with a bag of tricks," said Trevithick.

"I need to get to know Carson Valley, Douglas County and Carson City. I need to get a sense of what the people here need.

"Any community in America has issues to deal with. We have to develop positive issues and I want (the church) to have a direct hand in lowering the divorce rate."

Trevithick said goals can be accomplished by teaching each other how to love one another, and back out of roles and stereotypes that are destructive.

"The church has already built strong youth programs that teach them to love Christ. I want to build on that and show them they can have a great life and that it's fun (to know Christ) and they can be productive youth. I also want them to be healthy and to be great employees and leaders of tomorrow."

Trevithick added the church wants to cooperate with the area schools. He said there are similarities between the two.

"Teachers are not there for the paycheck. They're there to make a difference in a child's life. So is the church.

"Carson Valley Christian Center doesn't have all the answers. But we have something to offer. We can make a difference by not working solo."

Trevithick said he and Jackson have known each other for about 20 years through their various work in the Southern California area.

"Sometimes God surprises you. The best things that happen are surprises. I feel a commonality with John in his use of the ministry. I knew he was a person I could work with because he has great integrity and vision. He makes a difference in people's lives. That's what attracted me about the position."

Trevithick also said that Jackson is ahead of his time in the ministry. When Trevithick heard Jackson was starting a new church, he had every confidence he could succeed.

"It's a God thing. This is not something a person can plan. People are getting connected (here). They are receiving an experience and something to help their lives grow."


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