Shooter to serve one year

A Carson City man began serving a one year sentence in jail Monday for attempted battery with a deadly weapon, despite his plea to be allowed time to recover from a neck wound allegedly inflicted by his brother last month.

"I understand that was an altercation with your brother where he stabbed you in the neck, so you might just as well go to jail," said District Judge Michael Griffin, denying Rigoberto Vega-Aguilar's request for two weeks to recuperate from his injuries before beginning his time for an April 2001 Airport Road shooting.

Vega-Aguilar pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of battery with a deadly weapon in the shooting of Gabriel "Bobby" Munoz.

Munoz, 24, was shot twice in the back after the two fought on Airport Road on April 30 of last year.

According to Vega-Aguilar, shooting Munoz was self-defense.

However, Munoz told investigators he was walking away from the smaller Vega-Aguilar when the shooter opened fire.

Carson City Chief Deputy District Attorney Anne Langer was prepared to go forward with a case of felony battery with a deadly weapon but Munoz failed to appear in court to testify.

Vega-Aguilar was also ordered to pay $52,584.60 for Munoz's hospital bills.

Vega-Aguilar's brother Feliciano Fuentes-Aguilar was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and probation violation after allegedly slashing Vega-Aguilar in the neck during a Jan. 28 domestic dispute at their home.


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