A way out of the jam

If we lived on Roop Street, we'd be fighting for our front yards too.

Most of us, though, only drive along the congested street, or sit in traffic in other parts of Carson City's bogged-down street system. So while we sympathize with property owners, we still think the decision to get on with important decisions like expanding Roop to four lanes was long overdue.

Transportation commissioners were faced Wednesday with trying to choose among three important projects -- Roop expansion, Stewart Street extension or improvement of Curry Street.

Their decision was to try to have it all -- even though they don't have the money to do it all.

The plan is to widen Roop from Washington Street to Winnie Lane, buy property needed to extend Stewart and put $1 million into Curry between Koontz Lane and Clearview Drive.

Carson City got into this traffic jam because there's never been enough money -- and probably never will -- to do everything needed to keep traffic moving smoothly all over town.

But there have also been too many fits and starts over the last couple of decades as the city and state played tag over a bypass. As plans changed, traffic patterns rerouted, development pressures shifted, it wasn't always apparent where the money should be spent.

It's fairly clearly now what needs to be done, and transportation commissioners have set the plan in motion.

The city does own right of way along Roop Street adequate for a four-lane expansion. Residents may have wished the day would never come when the city would need it, but that day has arrived.


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