Children make creative garden decorations

Wind chimes, homemade paper and garden stepping stones are just some of the projects children will learn to make at this summer's arts and crafts camp at the Brewery Arts Center.

The Imagination in Action art camp is held twice a summer for children who want to spark their creativity and make various art projects. The second summer session will begin August 12.

Organizer Darla Bayer said the theme of this session is The Secret Garden. All the projects the children make will have something to do with gardening.

"It's a whole lot of fun," Bayer said. "They learn to make all sorts of things."

The camp is open for children ages 6 to 13, both boys and girls.

It is a two-week camp with class time from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday.

"It's just in time for kids to get used to waking up in the mornings again," Bayer said.

She said it was the perfect time to hold the camp because many children are starting to get bored with the long days of summer.

Bayer, who will be teaching the camp along with several other teachers, said one of her favorite projects was the stepping stones.

Children would make stepping stones of Baskin Robbins ice cream cartons, by filling them with cement and decorating them with marbles or shells.

"It's a usable stepping stone they can plant in their garden at home," she said.

Another fun project is homemade paper, she said. Children will take recycled paper, like used envelopes, and mix it in a blender with colored paper. Then they will add real flower petals to the mixture before turning it into paper.

Bayer said enrollment for the first session of the Imagination in Action camp was low compared to previous years. She said she would like to see the next session full.


What: Imagination in Action, children's art camp

Where: Brewery Arts Center

When; August 12 - 23, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Cost: $145 general, $135 for members of the Brewery Arts Center

Call: The Brewery Arts Center to enroll a child at 883-1976


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