Brazen burglars ripping off vehicles

More than 50 auto burglaries have been reported in recent weeks, and the Carson City Sheriff's Department is reminding people to take extra precautions at safeguarding their things.

"More often than not, victims have left their vehicle doors unlocked and left purses, wallets, money and electronic equipment in plain view," said Lt. Ken Sandage. "It is not uncommon for suspects to walk down a row of vehicles and check vehicle doors to see if they are unlocked."

Sandage said the following safety tips may prevent the next person from becoming a victim of theft:

• Always remember to lock your vehicle, regardless of the amount of time or location that your vehicle is left unattended. It is not uncommon for vehicles to be burglarized in broad daylight in a victim's driveway.

• Don't ever leave any items of value in your vehicle such as cell phones, briefcases, laptops or loose change.

• Do not try and conceal items under seats or in glove compartments. Suspects know all the tricks, and they will sometimes wait in parking lots of gyms, schools and parks and watch where victims hide their belongings.

• If you have a vehicle alarm, always use it.

• If you have a pull out radio, always take it out.

• If you hear glass breaking, a vehicle alarm going off or any other suspicious noises, immediately report it to the sheriff's department.

To report non-emergencies, call 887-2008. If there is a crime in progress, call 911.

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