Letters to the Editor Aug. 26

This is regarding the boy who broke solar panels at Seeliger Elementary school.

I would like to applaud the boy's mother for marching him into the sheriff's office when she found out her son was the one who did it. I believe her actions were based on love for her son.

Kids do foolish things sometimes but aren't necessarily mean. He most likely learned a good lesson.

I predict that he will turn out to be a decent human being and a good citizen, and he will have his mother to thank for it.

Talk about stepping up to the plate!

Judie Hartwick

Carson City

In response to Chuck Muth's column of Aug. 19, his column shares some of the feelings I have about government. History has shown throughout the ages that when people believe they are disenfranchised, they take to the streets and express their frustrations with government by demonstrations, and in extreme cases, rioting.

There is nothing that gets to me more than trying to connect with a government office by telephone, getting an answering machine that takes five minutes of my valuable time, finally getting me to a department, only to be put into a voice mailbox.

While we still live in a society that for the most part respects law and order, I see the day may come when that respect is no longer there due to our current politicians' inability to get their acts together and really represent their constituents instead of special interests.

I wrote to Sen. Harry Reid about my concerns relating to the medical overhaul. It took two months to get a response from his office, and then it was a generic response that did not even attempt to address the direct questions I'd put to him in the letter. That response letter cost him my vote in 2010.

The unfortunate thing about non-responsive government is that eventually, the people will destroy that type of government and those who are part of it. History has taught us this.

Thomas H. Hamilton

Carson City

Notice to all nurses: If you have ever needed to stay in a hospital due to an illness or accident, you have been afraid, frightened and disoriented.

Take a moment of your time to look back at how you felt when you were the patient, or spend a moment to think of your loved one lying in a hospital bed. Now think of how it might be for a 79-year-old woman. Can you take the time to listen to her? Can you take the time to comfort her and assure her? Or is it too much work?

If this is too much work, then you need to find another career. People deserve respect. If you do not have the time to finish your work, then tell your supervisor. It is time to change the way we care for our elderly patients.

My mom is an important person to me, and your mom would also be important to me. I have worked in the health care field for more than 24 years, and I always treated people like I would want them to treat me if I were afraid, frightened or disoriented. Think about it.

Laura White


Thank you, Carson City. I would like to thank the neighbors around the Al Seeliger Elementary School area. Recently, there was some vandalism done to a few of the solar panels in the field behind the school. I appealed to folks in that area to provide any information they may have regarding the incident.

The alleged instigators were apprehended Aug. 14, and when I arrived at my office the next morning, I had 10 phone messages from concerned neighbors and responsible parents. I talked to most of these folks and was touched by their concern for the property, school and neighborhood.

I am very grateful for their input on this and other issues around the school, and I assured them that we welcome their support and communication on any matter regarding our schools. It was awesome to hear the pride in their voices in regards to their neighborhood, and the outrage for our loss, which is a loss for the entire community.

Thank you, neighbors, and thank you, Carson City. What a great town!

Mark Korinek

Operations manager, Carson City School District


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