Letters to the editor, March 25

Our country needs our help first

How can we send clothes, canned food, fruit and money to the tornado areas? Could we put items on a railroad car, truck and trailer within the month? What about additional items like nails, food, funeral items and clothing?

Stop sending help to Syria and all of Europe. Take care of our country. Let's get together and help our Americans.

Elda Kerr

Virginia City

Hoping Paslov's rants meet deaf ears

After reading Eugene Paslov's Dec. 17 and Jan. 14 columns in the Nevada Appeal, I have had recurring nightmares. My anxiety is derived from a fear that readers will be influenced by his bias and hypocritical diatribe.

Paslov masquerades as an intellect who claims to know all the facts about the political landscape. The truth is, he is a left-wing liberal who is joined at the hip with President Barack Obama, Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Paslov has very little credibility because of his many unfounded assertions and accusations. For instance, he accuses Rep. Mark Amodei of attacking Janice Ayres. The opposite is true. Ayres attacked Amodei, and he was simply defending himself with the truth.

Because Amodei is a Republican, Paslov couldn't resist slinging mud at the congressman in hopes that some of it would stick. This tactic is straight out of the Democratic playbook and was very successful in demonizing President George W. Bush, former Alaska Gov. Sara Palin and many other Republican politicians.

Paslov never saw a government program he didn't like. His expressed political ideology brands him as a European socialist. God help all of us if his readers are influenced enough to adopt his liberal agenda.

Gary Thompson


City Center would enhance quality

Having moved here in 1978, I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed Marilee Swirczek's column in support of the proposed City Center Project. She said exactly what I have been thinking, but had not yet expressed, and she did a much better job of it than I could have.

Carson City has an opportunity to greatly enhance the prospects for increased quality tourism, and even more importantly, to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Cities all around America are learning about and reaping the benefits of downtown revitalization, and at the heart of most of these efforts is a community centerpiece of some sort that ties it all together.

That is what the City Center Project could be for Carson City if we, as a citizenry, stop viewing the world through a straw, and start thinking about what we will leave as an inhertance.

If we don't, then when the bypass is completed, we will be just another gas stop at another exit on another freeway.

Terry Knight

Carson City


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