Past Pages for Sunday, April 7


The Reveille is still harping on the Governor’s veto of the Battle Mountain and Austin Railroad Bill. The Appeal, however, rebuked the Reveille for its injudicious strictures of his Excellency’s action and in the end pinched out its vein of wall-eyed wrath and staring rage in these mealy-mouthed words, to whit: “That Governor Bradley acted honestly in the matter we do not entertain a doubt, but that he gravely erred.”


The defense made by the Board of Asylum Commissioners on the street is that the Nevada Press Association attempted to blackmail the board. If any member of the Board will make definite charges in this matter, by saying what paper or what representative attempted to blackmail the board, then the columns of this paper are open to the Board’s use.


The Brougher farm north of this city is receiving more reclamation attention than any one piece in Western Nevada. The experimental farm features a reservoir with a well pumping some 15,000 gallons per hour. It is the intention to bring several acres of beets.


The Lions, Rotary and Boy Scouts are to gather at the salvage depot at 8:30 on Sunday to collect scrap. Lunches will be served by the American Women’s Voluntary Service. The American Legion will take care of the county area east of the highway. The Veteran’s of Foreign Wars and 20-30 Club will take all the area west of the highway. The United Spanish War Veterans will do the sorting as it is unloaded at the salvage depot.


Local police are hoping the capture of a burglar near Fallon today will help solve a string of burglaries of six city businesses. So far only Wells Fargo gas has reported any cash stolen — $125.


Nitrate contamination of wells in southeast Carson City has caused the state to stop allowing septic tanks in the area. The Department of Environmental Protection is also urging the city to extend sewer service.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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