Past Pages for Wednesday, April 17

140 years ago

Mint Matters. There were three hundred and fifty pounds of mixed gold and silver bullion received yesterday at the Mint, and last night there were fifteen bars of Crown Point bullion shipped from the Mint to the parent bank of the London and San Francisco Banking Institution, through Wells and Fargo. Yesterday, $18,000 in double eagles were coined.

130 years ago

Yesterday Miss Ida Marshall died in this city from scarlet fever. She was a young lady highly respected. A large public funeral would surely cause more deaths and would be a risk to all those who attend.

100 years ago

Fish Commissioner Geo. T. Mills came up from Verdi where he has been on tour of inspection. During the work one male hybrid trout weighing over four pounds along with a female of the same size.

It is possible to have this home bred specie of trout.

70 years ago

The larder at the Ormsby county hospital was stocked unexpectedly today with a supply of venison when a car driven by Raymond Borda struck a doe by Clear Creek. Borda’s car sustained $50 in damage. The deer was then dressed and delivered to the hospital.

50 years ago

Two Carson City girls who recently ran away to San Francisco have been sent to the Girls Youth Training Center in Caliente.

The girls were judged habitual runaways and will remain at the center for an indefinite time.

20 years ago

Bank of America was the only bidder this morning at the foreclosure sale of the Ormsby House. The bank bid $7 million for the property.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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