Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, April 24

Wouldn’t you feel safer with a gun?

You live in Watertown. The police checked your house about a half hour ago, and they’ve since moved on to an area 3 or 4 blocks away. You hear somebody trying to jimmy open your kitchen door.

Do you feel safe, knowing all those owning guns in your neighborhood have permits or have turned their guns into the authorities? Or would you feel safer having your loaded gun in your hands? Now do you get it?

Judy Jacobs


God’s truth trumps man

This is in response to Robin Christy. Why you began with an effort to put down Biblical creation is beyond me. There was nothing in my letter about that. I believe it, but space prohibits going into that here.

Your next statement is totally false: “Evolutionists are simply people who want the truth as witnessed by physical evidence.” First, evolutionists do not own physical evidence. Creationists have the same physical evidence. Physical evidence is that which can be observed in the present. It says nothing at all about the past. Evolutionists assume the evidence fits their world view and call it “truth.” Often the evidence fits the creationist world view better, but our kids are taught in our schools to, as you said, “trust blindly without question” the evolutionist world view.

Why is the possibility of intelligent design arbitrarily excluded if we are, “Encouraging kids to think for themselves using cold, hard facts and solid evidence ...”? Observational science is not the same as historical or origins science. Evolution is not observational science. The scientific method of testability, repeatability, and falsifiability cannot be applied. Historical science is best supported by witnesses. Evolutionism has no witness. Creationism has One.

Your example, Galileo, practiced observational science and because it did not fit the world view of the church he was imprisoned. Today academia ridicules and excludes any view that does not fit the world view of evolution. The church was wrong then; academia is wrong today. God’s truth trumps man’s truth every time.

Don R. Drake

Carson City


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