Letters to the editor for Sunday, Oct. 27

Government gave you opportunity to be rich

May we remind those special interest groups that so-called rich people, you were not rich when your grandparents came to the United States of America. It was because we had a strong government to lead this country to win the two world wars to protect our country and our freedom and provide great opportunities for all the peoples living in this country.

Today, you became rich, but have you forgotten who gave you the opportunities? And you became greedy, selfish, and jealous. That is why you keep demanding a small government intended to destroy the opportunities for all the peoples but yours. How dare you do so?

Now America is facing an economy crisis — we may say that we are facing a third world war. We need to continue to support a strong government to lead the country and win this war again, like we did before. Those special interest groups and their representatives who want to shutdown government are not patriots.

Bill Hui

Carson City

Amodei, Heller picked party over our welfare

One can acknowledge Heller and Amodei for being steadfast in their positions, but one cannot credit their vote as worth of respect. If their vote in support of default isn’t subversion, it is most certainly treason.

Their vote represents a willful attempt by both men to betray the trust and confidence and credit worthiness the world has placed in America. Their vote in support of default is foolhardy, economically ignorant, childish, petulant and lunatic. Despite the outcome, the world looks at America with diminished credibility. It’s clear Heller and Amodei support that loss.

At the earliest opportunity, I say we must replace these two disloyal recreants who choose party over nation and who would do harm to America. I don’t care from what party they come from, I want representatives who are intelligent and respect America and would protect her above all and who would choose nation over party.

Robert A. Simpson

Carson City

Evolutionists follow a misguided religion

The headline on page A5 of the Oct. 18 Appeal reads, “1.8M-Year-Old Skull Gives Glimpse of Our Evolution.” Once again, the religion of evolution is presented to the public as fact in our local newspaper. No evidence is given in the article to prove evolution. It is just assumed.

The paleontologists are so blind to the truth that the fossils are called “pre-human” throughout the article. It is far more likely that what they have are ape skulls. They even make a point in the article about how much variation can exist within a species and yet argue that these bones are “pre-human,” not just another variation of ape.

They allow disagreement among themselves about whether evolution is like a tree or like a bush, but they will not allow the possibility that evolution did not happen. The idea that God may have created the various kinds of animals and plants just as they are goes contrary to their faith. And then, like high priests of their religion, they make announcements to the public about the unverifiable age of their most recent find and the equally unverifiable assumption that it provides information about our evolution.

Famous philosopher Karl Popper said, “Darwinism (evolution) is not a testable scientific theory, but a metaphysical (religious) research programme ...” Michael Ruse, evolutionist science philosopher, admitted, “Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today.” It is time that we started treating it that way.

Don R. Drake

Carson City

Big-government foe? Walk it like you talk it

I have a foolproof deficit reduction plan. All of you anti-government, anti-tax, anti-social welfare program commentators and readers out there who refuse to stop whining and preaching about it, take the following pledge and keep it. Repeat after me.

“I, (your name here), pledge to the taxpayers of Nevada and to the American people that I will:

(1) Not be a hypocrite by continuously criticizing, demonizing, and advocating the elimination of all government-created social programs while at the same time benefitting from them;

(2) Put my money where my mouth is by (a) never taking a penny or otherwise benefitting from a government social program, including but not limited to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, workers compensation benefits, disability benefits, mortgage-interest deductions, government-backed loans, government grants, tax exemptions for employer-provided health and retirement benefits, government-subsidized housing, Head Start, child and dependent care tax credits, health insurance tax credits or subsidies, food stamps, student loans, or any other type of government social program, whatsoever; and (b) if I work for any unit of federal, state, or local government, either as an employee or contractor, for example as a public school teacher, either stop biting the hand that feeds me or quitting and refusing any government social program benefits such as pensions or unemployment-related benefits; and

(3) If I have already received any such payments or benefits, fully and completely reimbursing the government for them.”

Win-win — now is your chance to demonstrate your integrity and reduce government spending. So, put up or shut up.

Carl Meier



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