Letters to the Editor for Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eagle Valley ‘nay’ vote not part of an agenda

Correction to Mr. Duane Heiny letter where he states that perhaps my nay vote against the Eagle Valley Golf Course had been influenced by the long-running effort spear headed by owners of the other two golf courses in Carson City to close Eagle Valley, and that they are both building contractors. This is absolutely not true.

The reason I voted against the lease is simple. The Board, as the governing body of Carson City, must always make sure that the public can bid on all city projects. I believe it is mandatory and I stated so at the Board meeting.

The Board failed to guarantee that free enterprise prevails; they approved this lease without first allowing the public to bid on city contractual work. Fundamentally approving this lease without first allowing it to go out to bid is wrong on every level of fairness. That and that alone is why I vote nay (against) the lease.

The big issue now: narrow Carson Street? Voice your opinion by sending an email to Jshirk@carson.org.

Jim Shirk

Carson City

Fire Academy provides wealth of experiences

My wife and I had the pleasure to attend the first Carson City Fire Department Fire Academy. It was a multi-week lecture, hands on introduction to our fire department. We were both very impressed by the equipment, the training and the experience of all the firefighters, paramedics and staff that we had contact with. Topics included hazardous materials, vehicle extrication demo, personal preparedness, explanation of their personal protective gear and tours of the three fire stations and more.

The course was very well done, and we went away with a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Thanks to all who worked so hard to put this program together. We are very proud to be able to call the Carson City Fire Department our fire department. If you every have the chance to take this class, do so.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office also offers a program like this, also very well done.

Rich and Lori Courtney

Carson City


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