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140 Years Ago

Episcopal Church picnic and Mrs. Bowers: The Virginia and Truckee Railroad brought a lively scene as three flats and one passenger car packed with children came to Bowers Mansion. The sandwiches, chickens, biscuits and intoxicating beverages were stowed away in bread baskets and after the lunchers satisfied themselves, they fed the minnows in the lakes, played in the brook and caught fish in the stream. Mrs. Bowers had things to sell at her place and sold them cheap. She complemented the picnickers for their orderly behavior ... When they were to return on the train, a charming young lady had her guitar on hand and played upon it bewitchingly ...

130 Years Ago

Hydrophobia: Mrs. Hinkson was brought from Idaho in the care of the sheriff on a charge of lunacy. When in a paroxysm, the woman froths at the mouth, growls and snaps like an angry dog and can only be restrained by main force. It is believed that the woman is not crazy, but has hydrophobia ...

120 Years Ago

Beauty contest: Mrs. Dupuis was the winner with 3,059 votes; Miss Gladding, 2,565; Miss Louise Rinckle, 745 and Mrs. Sam Wright, 527. The voters decided that Mrs. Dupuis is the handsomest married lady in town and Miss Lottie Gladding the handsomest unmarried lady in Carson.

70 Years Ago

Hope for Amelia Earhart: Six years ago Amelia Earhart vanished. According to President M. L. Brittain of Georgia Tech, “There is a million to one chance that she may be found on one of the South Pacific Islands ... ”

50 Years Ago

Marilyn Monroe’s mother fled from the sanitarium where she has been under treatment for a mental illness. Mrs. Gladys Baker Eley, a figure of mystery, was found missing. She wanted to get away from the sanitarium and practice Christian Science teaching ...

30 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Carson Tri-Cinema — ‘Star Wars, Return of the Jedi,’ ‘Superman III,’ and ‘Twilight Zone,’ the movie — enter a new dimension ...”

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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