Letters to the editor for Sunday, May 12

Upside down, Mom’s name still applicable

Not just today, it’s every day that mom

deserves our most beloved bow,

Because she conceived and brought us up,

Betimes she didn’t know how,

but we do know this — that right or wrong or upside down,

mom’s name sure spells out ‘WOW!’

Thane W. Cornell

Carson City

Liberal politicians demean our mothers

Mothers believe that life of babies, even in the tiniest form, have the same right to protection as a full grown person. For their belief and practice, mothers are demeaned by Liberal politicians.

Mothers are the most loyal, responsible and giving of women. Mothers raise their most precious possessions, their children, to be loyal to country and responsible for their own actions, to respect the feeling of all, to help those in need and to be self-reliant, using their God-given talents and initiative to succeed. Visit the hallowed ground of any Veteran cemetery where sons and daughters are buried. They sacrificed their lives for the love and freedom of America, dying in the carnage of war, where death wrote the last chapter in the book of life.

These were youth in the flower of life, a few years past teenage, called to serve when American survival and freedom was threatened. They answered the call sacrificing their lives. Mothers grieve in silence agonizing for those who will never return, they were her reason for living, all the hopes and dreams for the future gone forever.

The Liberal politicians who for political gain demean mothers dishonor the memory and sacrifice of those who paid the ultimate price for the freedom we all enjoy.

James McMullen

Carson City

We must protect our youths from tanning

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, and Nevada’s melanoma rate is among the highest in the country. Scientific reports link the use of tanning beds to the rise in melanoma rates, especially among young women. Around one quarter of all high school students report using tanning beds, and the numbers are growing.

In the coming days, the Nevada State Legislature has an opportunity to save lives with an important piece of legislation. SB 267, if passed, would protect Nevada’s children from the dangers of indoor tanning by prohibiting the use of cancer-causing UV tanning devices by youth under the age of 18.

Now known to be as dangerous as cigarettes and asbestos, UV tanning beds are classified as a known human carcinogen by the World Health Organization. We protect our children from the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol by restricting access; we should do the same with indoor tanning.

As an oncology nurse who has seen the tragedy of those stricken with melanoma, I would hope that everyone would avoid tanning beds. Our kids should not be given the choice. I am urging Nevada lawmakers to pass SB 267 — the indoor tanning ban for those under age 18 — and vote to protect Nevada’s children.

Carla Brutico


Full evidence shows Dems aren’t anti-God

The letter written expressing the démodé opinion about Liberals being anti-God caught my attention. I was disappointed by the letter, but not because of your opinion, rather by the lack of “evidence.”

The only piece of evidence claiming Democrats were anti-God was the shouting of “no” at the Democratic Convention when asked if God should be added to the platform. I understand how this could be misconstrued as anti-God, but if U.S. citizens understood not only their party platforms, but also the opposing beliefs, a citizen would never have the audacity to claim they were.

The Democratic platform includes beliefs such as a more active federal government, a consensus of judicial activism, and a separation of church and politics. The reason Democrats shout “no” to allowing God in the platform was not because they are anti-God, but because they believe that church should not influence lawmaking because religion is a personal, not political belief codified under the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause in the First Amendment of the Constitution. It is poor logic to assume that a convention holding only a little percentage of all Liberals in America represents every Democratic individual as anti-God.

The evidence you claim in the title ends there and so does the unity of your letter. The rant that occupies 75 percent of your letter concludes to nothing except poppycock, blaming Democrats for the economy. In the end you offer nothing more than an easily dismantled fallacious accusation which only highlighted your own ignorance.

Jaime King

Carson City


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