Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 30

Cutting lane would ruin downtown

All I can say is, as a driver through town everyday, even when there are very minor problems, it gets ridiculous. When they closed just the right lane the other day traffic crawled. If they take the right lane away it will be madness.

The businesses won’t have to worry about the money they think they’ll make with extra parking. You won’t even be able to get into town. People stopping in the only lane to wait for people to exit their parking spaces. It will be the end of Carson City downtown.

Dennis Myers

Carson City

Evidence says Liberals are anti-God

Al Adrian, I’m not real sure what you were writing about in your recent letter. Let me restate my opinion: Liberals/Democrats are anti-God. There’s ample evidence for my belief. The loudest and one of the most recent is the Democratic convention last year. At the suggestion that God should be added to the Democratic platform, the 20,000 or so Democrats all shouted “no” three times. Not too difficult to figure that one out. I don’t have the room to discuss other evidence in this venue.

A simple fact of history: In the 10,000 years man has walked this earth no society has prospered nor continued that has shifted left. The United States began its shift to the left in the 1950s. We are now mired in debt which is unsustainable. Almost half of the population receives some form of government assistance, the future payments of such is also unsustainable.

You and God have a number of things in common. The most prevalent is that neither you nor God have a high impression of cults or denominations. God gives us one specific instruction in the Bible on how to get to heaven: Accept His son as your savior and trust Him with your salvation, not your own efforts or works. You and I can’t get ourselves into Heaven on our own merits.

You need to learn to differentiate the Old Testament text between cultural, social and theological instructions. Nice thing about the Bible is that it has no errors in it.

Bill Fullilove

Carson City


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