Letters to the editor for Wednesday, May 15

Bednarski column was just a series of attacks

Ann Bednarski’s column of May 4 titled “Obama Running Post-Bush U.S. Into the Ground” is a prime example of what is wrong with much of the political discourse in our country. Ms. Bednarski, a so-called educator and journalist, once again filled her commentary with many references to her hatred and contempt for President Barack Obama.

In my opinion, she is clearly a narrow-minded, prejudiced individual who has little regard for the truth. She makes no attempt to delve into the background of issues and explain the same to the reader. One might think that an educator would wish to educate the public, as opposed to making the incendiary comment after another. In past letters to the editor, I have indicated that I believe the Nevada Appeal lacks balance, which is reflected in the strong conservative viewpoint expressed by the columnists they publish. I understand that the editor Brian Sandford has undertaken a search for a progressive-leaning columnist. Hopefully he will be successful in that endeavor.

The fact remains, however, that Ann Bednarski is a questionable writer for a newspaper that deserves better. I believe that Ms. Bednarski will continue to diminish the impact of commentaries in the Appeal. I say this not because of the issues she raises, but the manner in which they are incompletely and negatively presented.

Martin J. Fischer

Carson City

Bible is heavily edited, isn’t the ‘word of God’

Please stop publishing letters based on religious faith. Faith is not fact, it’s not even opinion. It is belief in something that cannot be proven. I respect religions, yet faith (I have my own) cannot provide a reasonable basis for argument.

Each major religion has a book, yet using that book and its content to attempt to prove a point is vacuous. Remember that faith is what drives al-Qaida and the Taliban and jihad. Faith also motivated the crusades. Regarding the Bible, Confucius wrote the golden rule perhaps 500 years before it appeared in the Christian religion, yet followers ascribe its origin to Jesus. The Bible has been translated into different languages many times so no one knows its original content that was created by multiple writers sometimes centuries apart and edited so only selected writings have been included. It is not the alleged “word of God.” It is a heavily edited production created by men at Nicene for the purpose of integrating Pagan beliefs with emerging diverse and conflicting religions.

Because of recurring proselytizing editorial letters, I have lost my respect for our small hometown paper. Is new management the cause?

Gretchen Godfrey

Carson City


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