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140 Years Ago

Carson street: The Stage had just deposited a huge uneven plank of hard oak at the corner of the Ormsby House to be wrought into axles, hubs, etc. A man in the crowd named Andrew, who works for Colonel Curry at the Round House, said he would bet five dollars that he could carry it three blocks on his shoulder. Billings, Kersey, Judge Waitz and Torreyson made up a purse. The plank weighed 250 pounds. Andrew took it on his brawny shoulder, followed by an enthusiastic crowd, to Mat. Rinkle’s corner where he dropped it and got the bet ...

130 Years Ago

Temperance: Miss Frances Willard, President of the Temperance Union will lecture at the Methodist Church ... All who desire to hear an intellectual treat will do well to be on hand ...

100 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Grand Theatre, W. S. Ballard, Manager – ‘Mme. Sarah Bernhardt and her all star company in the great spectacular photo play ‘Queen Elizabeth’ in four parts—one of the strongest stories history has ever recorded. Children under 12 – 15 cents, adults – 25 cents.”

Cave Rock: It is probable that the famous bridge about Cave Rock at Lake Tahoe may be removed and building of the road will be above the famous rock ... It is somewhat dangerous for traveling unless kept in the very best of condition.

70 Years Ago

“Carson Hi-Lites”—The “C” Hill received its annual coat of whitewash according to Bob Shannon, student body president. The seniors “boss” the job. The traditional “C” picnic is under the supervision of Miss Pohlman and the home economics girls. Committee chairman: Ray Schulz, lime committee; Vincent Samproni, water committee; Pete Pierini, broom committee ...

50 Years Ago

Explosion at Nevada test site: The United States and Britain touched off a non-nuclear explosion to check hazards of inhaling small particles of plutonium.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.

30 Years Ago

The University of Nevada Board of Regents appointed Dr. Anthony Calabro as president of the Western Nevada Community College ... replacing retiring president Jack Davis.


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