Letters to the editor for Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013

Nation soldiers served shell of its former self

“Mr. And Mrs. Sullivan,” by Mary Santomauro

Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, did you hear what the judges said?

They said your five meant nothing ... now that they are dead!

The flag they gave their lives for? It doesn’t mean a thing!

One can burn it, tear it up, throw it in a ring.

They can walk on it, call it art, wear it on their bum,

Not even caring that their actions are crude and very crass!

The price of freedom we had to pay so they could vent their hate

On the symbol of our unity ... no war has been their fate.

They never fought in trenches on some Godforsaken land.

Weren’t shot from the sky, blown up at sea, as were the Sullivans.

Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, the family is falling apart,

Home, baseball, and apple pie is just old-fashioned art.

Youth yell and scream for learning, then what do they do?

Attack those very people who made their dreams come true.

Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, you wouldn’t know just why and how

Modern women kill their babies, compliments of now.

American Civil Liberties does not exist to be

A protector of all basic rights. They are of disparity!

Youth waste their lives on drugs. Gotta do their thing!

Their “thing” has brought us AIDS! Hear the death-knell ring?

The country that you lived for, gave all that you had,

Is now in such a sorry state. It truly is quite sad.

That all the American Sullivans, regardless of their name,

Gave the very last breath they had to give. Their children brought her shame!

Mary Santomauro


Gun rights God-given and not man-given

In response to Mr. Statham, sir, with all due respect to you and others of like mind, you’re not facing reality when it comes to God-given liberties. The right to freedom of worship is God-given, not man-given. The right to keep and bear arms is God-given, not man-given. The right to own land is God-given, not man-given. Get the point? It’s not the gun that decides to murder someone, it’s the godless soul holding it and pulling the trigger.

We have robbed ourselves and our children and grandchildren by denying them the truth of God’s word. Our pastors refuse to preach from the King James Bible, but rather teach the precepts of men, men’s books, like Rick Warren or Mark Batterson. It’s witchcraft they’re teaching, and you wonder why we’re seeing all the lawlessness we are today.

Pastors, wake up! Stop teaching man’s books, and get back into your Bibles, and men like Mr. Statham might hear the truth of the gospel and be saved. Repent of this wickedness, pastor, and preach the truth, or you’ll answer to God for it because you’re leading people — even whole families — astray. Then, Mr. Statham won’t feel the need to take our God-given rights away!

Rosalee Barnwell Hinton

Carson City

Thanks to stranger who bought breakfast

To the young man at Denny’s who gifted us with the pleasant surprise of paying for our breakfast: thank you for your thoughtfulness! Your generous offer touched our hearts. Blessings on you, and blessings on your character-building parents. Happy 11th birthday!

We will be passing your gift on.

Jackie and Stan Field

Carson City

Obama insults nation’s collective intelligence

As we now know all too well, the president’s now famous words regarding keeping one’s current healthcare were and are, by any definition, a lie. In his pathetic attempt to escape the increasing glare of guilt, the president looked embarrassingly ignorant to the content of his “signature” legislation — and embarrassingly patronizing to the intelligence of the American people.

What should be just as disgusting to Americans — those Congressmen who voted for what is becoming the “Unaffordable Care Act” for millions; they never said one word to dispute the president’s recurrent lie. Their integrity should also be questioned. If these legislators actually read this legislation prior to voting for it and did not challenge the president’s claims, they are complicit to one of the greatest hoaxes ever played on the American people. If these legislators voted for this legislation without reading it, they are guilty of violating their oath to serve in the best interests and welfare of the American people.

Nancy Pelosi’s infamous comment, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it,” seemed so ridiculously laughable, but, in hindsight, was simply a prophetically pathetic example of our federal government at work in today’s world! While the Affordable Care Act has become a partisan issue for the ages, its real world consequences are not politically discerning — unless, of course, you become eligible for one of the president’s politically motivated exemptions to the law.

Nancy Dallas

Carson City


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