Letters to the editor for Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013

Retreat zone could keep bears away from Carson

With the number of bears wandering down in to the city lately, why couldn’t a bear retreat be created in the hills above Carson City? I may be simplifying the matter, but if an area of trees was cleared along one of the many creeks flowing down the canyons, and natural vegetation was planted to support the habitat during drought-stricken years, wouldn’t the bears want to head to a free zone, per se, rather than making their way in to town to forage for whatever they can find?

I realize there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration such as permits, land use, creating a non-hunting zone, cost, etc., but bears are a natural part of Nevada’s habitat, and to me, saving one bear family by providing a place in the woods to prevent them from finding their way in to town is worth the idea.

Mark Foxen

Carson City

GOP must come up with own health plan

It would appear that as Obamacare dies a slow and painful death, the Liberals have become increasingly desperate. Case in point was a recent letter to the editor in which the writer took to task Ron Knecht. The writer stated a somewhat convoluted and factually incorrect rendition of what Mr. Knecht actually wrote. Basically it was the standard ramblings of how conservatives yearn for having no government, how they want unclean water and air, no workplace safety or fair wages, etc., how the Tea Party wants to destroy the federal government and pretty much accused them of everything except killing puppies.

Liberalism and bloated governments have never been a success in this country. Obamacare was pushed through by one party only, the Democrats. It was sold to the people on a flat out lie stated over and over again by them and President Obama. If liberalism is so good, why do they have to lie? Seems to me it is just part of their mind-set, and they just can’t help themselves. The midterm elections are a little less than a year away. Just remember what party sold “a pig in a poke” to the American public.

Now for the Republicans. Their party leadership needs to come up with a viable health care plan that can replace this disaster that is currently the law. They must articulate this plan and be honest and truthful to the public. To do anything less will just make them Democrats.

David Knighton

Carson City


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