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140 years ago

Carson’s Chinatown (continued from Thursday) Following the stream a little way down, we come to a great cistern which was built alongside the waterway as a reservoir which will be of great use in case of conflagration. It struck us there were more butcher shops than ever before, and the Sum Hing Company has been building a second story to the stone structure Col. Curry built for them last Spring (continued on Saturday).

130 years ago

Yesterday the railroad men attempted to ship an untamed Oregon mustang in the express car to Sacramento. They built a partition and assembled the whole crew including a few vaqueros and attempted to get him aboard at the depot. They proceeded in getting him in the car, after which his legs were untied. Like the horse in the song, he reared up, kicked the partition to pieces and was about to do the same to the car when a door was opened and he was permitted to get out. The expressmen said they would rather keep a dozen highwaymen at bay than an Oregon mustang.

100 years ago

Sheriff Burke now has two prisoners in the county jail on warrants charging murder in the first degree. In both cases Indians figure either as participants or victims. Frank Romero is in for the killing of an Indian woman. Benny Jack is in under a charge of killing his cousin, Jenny Dixon.

70 years ago

Nevada will celebrate Thanksgiving 1944 on the last Thursday of the month with all other states to the contrary. Such has been the case for the previous two years, when Gov. Carville has ignored the president’s request to change the day. “I’ve never looked upon Thanksgiving as a time to be concerned with the business world,” remarked Carville. “It is a day of giving thanks.” The change was to allow a full four weeks for shopping for Christmas.

50 years ago

The second annual Governor’s Cup Open Invitational Parachute Meet will be held at the Carson Airport according to Bob Dill, executive director of the local Chamber of Commerce.

30 years ago

Images of local governments able to stop a horde of “tin boxes” were contrasted with mobile home owners trapped in parks, a legislative subcommittee heard today. The committee again tried to tackle the issue of mobile home zoning.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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