Health inspections

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for Feb. 20. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Carson High School, gymnasium snack bar, 1111 S. Saliman Road, scored 100 points.

Carson High School, main kitchen, 1111 S. Saliman Road, 100 points.

Carson High School, Senator’s Cafe, 1111 S. Saliman Road, 100 points.

Carson Senior Center, food facility, 911 Beverly Drive, 100 points.

Carson Senior Center, Meals on Wheels, 911 Beverly Drive, 100 points.

CVS Pharmacy, 220 Fairview Drive, 100 points.

Eagle Valley Middle School, cafeteria, 4151 E. Fifth St., 100 points.

Empire Elementary School, 1260 Monte Rosa St., 100 points.

Fremont Elementary School, cafeteria, 1511 Firebox Road, 100 points.

Jimmy John’s, 2329 N. Carson St., 100 points.

Kabayan Multi-Mart, 321 Fairview Drive, 100 points.

Mark Twain Elementary School, cafeteria, 2111 Carriage Crest Drive, 100 points.

Save Mart Supermarkets, produce department, 3325 E. Highway 50, 100 points.

Seeliger Elementary School, cafeteria, 2800 S. Saliman Road, 100 points.

The Feisty Goat Pub, 1881 E. Long St., 98 points. Areas inside the ice machine were dirty with biofilm buildup. Dirty wiping cloths were laid out to dry on the tops of bottle dispensers.

Golden Dragon, 3250 Retail Drive, Suite 150, 97 points. Prepared foods were stored in plastic grocery store bags in the freezer. Dish washing racks were dirty and stored directly on the floor, repeat violation. Cardboard boxes were used to store clean utensils. Cardboard were lining the shelves in the dish washing room.

Port of Subs, 1621 E. Highway 50, Suite B, 97 points. The ice scoop handle was laying in the customer ice bin by the drive through window, corrected on site. There was no sanitizer bucket set up prior to active food service, corrected on site. There was heavy dust accumulation in the chimney over the oven. There was dust accumulation in the bathroom ceiling fan guards and on the ceiling and fixtures in the front service areas. A tile was not in proper position over the walk-in to effectively close off the kitchen ceiling.

Subway, 2073 E. Highway 50, Suite 1, 97 points. The front service counter hand sink paper towel dispenser was broken and towels weren’t available. Food service activities were taking place in the “splash zone” of the hand washing area.

Y-Not Saloon, 152 E. Long St., 97 points. There was no self-closing device on the men’s bathroom door.

Los Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant, 2000 N. Carson St., 96 points. All foods in the reach-in freezer were not properly labeled and dated. Chicken was improperly stored in a refrigerator after being cooked. A non-operating refrigerator compressor was dirty on the cooking line.

La Salsa Grill, 963 Topsy Lane, Suite 316, 93 points. The reach-in refrigerator in the kitchen across from the cooking bank was operating at 48 degrees. Food stored in the refrigerators and freezers (not in their original containers) were not properly dated or labeled. The lighting in both bathrooms was poor.

Del Taco, 822 E. College Parkway, 90 points. The front hand sink was blocked with clean trays stacked in the basin, corrected on site. An employee was preparing read-to-eat food with bare hands, repeat violation, corrected on site. Food was stored directly on the floor in the dry storage area. Single service items were stored on the floor in the dry storage area. There was no certified food handler on duty.


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