Health Inspections

Following are the Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for Sept. 5. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Carson High School, central kitchen, 1111 S. Saliman Road, scored 100 points.

Carson High School, culinary arts kitchen, 1111 S. Saliman Road, 100 points.

Carson High School, Senator’s Cafe, 1111 S. Saliman Road, 100 points.

Chico’s Ice Cream, mobile food vehicle, 100 points.

Eagle Valley Middle School, cafeteria, 4151 E. Fifth St., 100 points.

Fritsch Elementary School, cafeteria, 504 Bath St., 100 points.

Patrick Henry’s As If By Magic, 624 Kelly Court, 100 points.

Silver State Charter School, 900 Mallory Way, 100 points.

Aby’s Snow Cone, mobile food vehicle, 99 points. There was not a thermometer inside the ice cream freezer.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, cafeteria, 1637 N. Mountain St., 99 points. The sanitizer spray bottles did not have measurable chlorine residual, corrected on site.

Carson High School, gymnasium snack bar, 1111 S. Saliman Road, 99 points. The refrigerators did not have inside thermometers.

Carson High School, sports field concessions stand, 1111 S. Saliman Road, 99 points. There were no sanitizer cloth storage buckets set up, corrected on site.

Domino’s Pizza, 3231 E. U.S. Highway 50, 99 points. There wasn’t any measurable Quat sanitizer residual in the cloth storage bucket, corrected on site.

Jacksons Food Stores, 1400 Rand St., 99 points. Two sanitizer buckets were found without measurable residual Quat.

Carson Station, 900 S. Carson St., 98 points. Rusty racks were noted in the meat walk-in refrigerator. Storage racks in the dry store areas were soiled. One trash bin had only one lid.

Carson Station, snack bar, 900 S. Carson St., 97 points. The Randell storeroom refrigerator was operating at 45 degrees, and the Randell under-counter refrigerator was operating at 44 degrees. There was grease on the floor under the frying and grill area.

Charley’s Grilled Subs, 1304 S. Stewart St., 97 points. The restroom did not have a self-closing door.


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